Pretty Love - Pecker

$49.25 $98.50

Sucking & Vibrating Massagers - 12 sucking and vibrational functions, USB Rechargeable

looks can be deceiving! This revolutionary new rechargeable sex toy comes equipped with a pinpoint clitoral suction tip that offers a light, yet incredibly effective, vibration effect. Completely innovative in the way it stimulates the clitoris, this toy is ergonomically designed to offer the right amount of body contact while delivering powerful and surprising orgasms. Controlled by an on/off button and a round gemstone button which allows the user to scroll through the 12 functions of vibration and suction. One tap on the on/off button immediately returns the setting to the lowest allowing you to build up to your orgasm sensually.



  • Brand: PRETTY LOVE
  • Weight: 135 grams
  • Function:12 vibration functions 12 sucking functions
  • Power: USB rechargeable
  • Material: Silicone ABS
  • Color:0602S Purplish
  • Packaging Size(mm):232*99*47.5