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Free shipping on all orders over $55

All of our products have a 12 month warranty associated with them. Some products may even have extended warranties applied to them. Checking the warranty information booklet with your product to confirm this.

If you find you have any issues with the product you have bought please contact our courteous in-house customer service team via email. Select our Contact Us page for more information on how to reach us.

Any issues you have with your new purchase can quite often be solved following the trouble shooting steps below

Battery Operated Products

  1. Check correct batteries are being used
  2. Are the batteries in the correct way
  3. Check battery contacts and springs as they can become compressed. Extend if necessary.
  4. Also check for corrosion on battery terminals. Clean if necessary.
  5. On waterproof units make sure the cap is correctly fitted.
  6. Are the batteries fully charged
  7. Reset the unit by turning product off and then on.
  8. Check lock button is not set ( where applicable )

Rechargeable Products

  1. Has the unit been fully charged
  2. Check your power source
  3. Is there LED lighting up when the charger is plugged in.
  4. Are all the connections clean.
  5. Make sure the power button is held down for five seconds.
  6. Check lock button is not set ( where applicable ).

If all of the above fails, please send your product with all parts and packaging for a replacement unit. We highly recommend obtaining a free proof of postage when you send your return just in case it is lost in transit or there is any issue with us receiving it back at the warehouse. Don’t forget to hold onto this until we’ve processed your replacement. We stand by our products and will reimburse any costs for postage both ways if there is a fault. We always insist on using good quality batteries as this is the biggest issue behind toy failures.

Returns Address

Home Pleasures Customer Care Team
PO Box 393
Goodwood  SA 5034

Required Details

  1. Order and or invoice number.
  2. Your address and full name
  3. What is the issue with the product
  4. How would you like the issue rectified

All faulty units will be exchanged for new once we have received and tested them. But unfortunately we do not apply changeovers or refunds for a reversal of opinion on the product.

We follow all strict COVID 19 procedures in our shipping and handling of your purchase and aim to have the unit returned to you as quickly as possible. We are all experiencing freight delays which are out of our hands at the moment. You will be provided with a tracking number via email once the product has been processed and on its way back to you.

We aim to provide the highest level of customer service to you and pride ourselves on our long standing reputation. Our products are one of the highest quality on the market and are guaranteed to satisfy all of our clients.